April 2016 : Crossings - Carleton College Perlman Teaching Museum at Weitz Center for Creativity

My feet are cold, wet and heavy from long wading in a river. Now I shall go walk on dry land. I went along a spur of railroad tracks, out of a town and out of that phase of my life. – A Story Teller's Story

The United Nations Refugee Agency reported that nearly 60 million people were forced to flee their homes in 2014 due to war and persecution. Carleton College's Perlman Museum at the Weitz Center for Creativity presents Harriet Bart and Yu-Wen Wu’s site-specific installation, Crossings, invites viewers to not only meditate on this staggering statistic, but also to embody the asylum seeker’s experience of bringing only what she can carry.

Viewers are invited to participate in the symbolic migration of designated rocks across the Cannon River to a satellite site by the Flaten Art Museum at St. Olaf College. While making the 1 3/4-mile voyage, feel the stone grow heavier with each step, and imagine the great lengths that refugees are willing to go to find peace.

6:27' HD video Video of full Installation at: Perlman Museum, Carleton College Northfield MN

2:38' HD video Crossings - Satellite installation at the Flaten Museum